Oak Ridge National Laboratory 1 Bethel Valley Rd, Oakridge, TN 37830

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Oak Ridge National Laboratory

A New System For Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Oak Ridge National Labs main show piece and meeting venue was built over 15 years ago and was beginning to show its age. We were asked to come in and look at repairing the existing building and make recommendations for future maintenance projects.

When we arrived we found that different hands had been in the panels and sensors over the 15 years and so we started by getting what they had working properly. The relays had been bypassed for the sake of not turning off the lights. This left them with a very large power bill. When we plugged in the clock and reset the schedules the system started to work again. We slowly went thru the relays and identified what schedule they should be in. This allowed the facility to see savings and start a fund to update the system to allow them to access it over the intra-net.

A few years went by and they finally had enough savings to pay for the updated system with what they had budgeted for the normal energy costs for that building. The energy department for the facility wanted to take it one step further to add sensors and daylighting to areas that had not been addressed on the initial design.

We installed the system and the owner really dialed in the groups and set points for the daylighting. The users are happy because the lights don’t turn out on them at a pre-determined time. The campus manager is happy because the center of the campus is now the most energy efficient building on campus. The Energy and Maintenance department are happy because they are not getting complaints about the lights staying on all night long or cutting off too early. In addition they are happy to continue to save money toward their next capital energy savings project

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