Why Choose LCSAS?

In today’s changing and challenging marketplace we all must work together to increase our profitability. LCSAS offers the opportunity to tap into over 15 years of experience in the energy field. We have designed thousands of projects from the small single panel to the large multi unit facility. This experience provides your company many options for decreasing energy usage while improving profit and property value.

We are an Energy Star Partner and a member of the USGBC. Lighting Control Service and Sales offers a wide range of environmentally-conscious energy solutions related to new and existing structures.

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New Building Lighting Consultation


Involving Lighting Control Service and Sales in the design phase of a facility allows the owner to capture and maximize the natural light and allow an energy efficient design to be accomplished, giving the owner the maximum energy savings possible. For example, an energy efficient design would include daylight sensors near windows to utilize the natural sunlight and reduce use of artificial lighting.


Once a low voltage system is installed, the site is evaluated by the Lighting Control Service and Sales team to ensure that it was installed properly. The agent then programs the system to take advantage of any cost savings possible while still meeting the owners’ requirements. Local sensors are aimed properly and are adjusted to maximize the energy savings potential.

Existing Building Consultation

This service allows existing buildings that are not energy efficient to become more energy efficient in stages. Stage one involves controlling the actual usage by implementing a combination of sensors and panels as the job requires. Stage two includes updating existing lighting fixtures with more current energy efficient models. In stage three, we review the owners’ electric power bills, as well as how and when the facility is being used. We work with the local power company to negotiate a better rate plan based on actual use of the facility.