Lighting Control Service & Sales

Working to make your business facility as energy-efficient as possible.


Lighting Control

Experience working in all aspects of the electrical industry from pulling the wires and installing the equipment to designing the systems

Light System Training

We review what you have and then train you on how to manage your systems and reduce your energy costs

Lighting Consulting

Lighting Control Service and Sales offers the opportunity to tap into over 15 years of experience in the energy field

How LCSAS Began

Lighting Control Service and Sales is lead by the seasoned management team of Marty and Melissa Beebe.

While at Harding University, Marty studied Business Management and Accounting.  After he left Harding, he worked in the retail industry developing his customer service skills. As an electrician, he continued to grow by learning about the basics of electrical energy. He then went to work for a top manufacturer as a project manager and designer for low voltage control systems.

Melissa has worked in both fields of Education and Business. Her experience is varied, from teaching to business management. She worked with an Administrative Services team for three years, assisting with the management of a three building campus in Birmingham. Her skills in communication and management are seen in projects.

"I created this company to help facilities both large and small work better. We seek the input of those who use the building and work to make them as productive as possible. I am responsible for all aspects of the business from finding new projects to final billing. I train the owners on the operation of their building and work with all systems to have the buildings work properly and efficiently. Dealing with the customers is my best asset. I can take an upset client and work with them to obtain the desired results they are looking for. I have taken this company from a concept on paper to a profitable business with over $350,000 is sales per year." -Marty Beebe